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Company Overview

GRH Tycoon Trading India Pvt Ltd., is a direct selling company that deals with a range of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for day to day life. Our aim is to deliver the best products to our consumer, who forms the core of the company, directly. We ensure that our network of registered distributors are trained leaders and consumers gets best with special benefits and profitable opportunities, thanks to the increasing dominance of direct selling industry in the country.

GRH Tycoon Trading India Pvt Ltd., (herein after shortly referred as “GRH Tycoon Trading India Pvt Ltd”) has developed business brands within itself, each of which is a separate business identity in itself.

This promotes the brands as well as direct selling industry amongst the user community. Thus, we not only provide business opportunities to individuals but also introduce the affordability factor in the smartly designed convenience-shopping model which are constantly involved in their daily activities.

  • Enhanced lifestyle
  • High quality products
  • Flexible and reliable shopping/selling models
  • Financial freedom with career opportunity
  • Bright scope of expansion